For use with all size Mojo jigs, this tandem rig is made with heavy monofilament leader, a high quality 3-way swivel, and high quality ball bearing snap. Spire Style 12 oz / 8 oz Tandem Mojo Rig · Reviews · Related products · Contact us: [email protected] · Login. Username or email address. Multiple Choices Tandem MOJO Rig Leader 4' X 8' or 5' x 10' lb mono fishing line Connection Hand Tied Tandem MOJO Rig Leaders 4ft and 8ft lengths or. Magic Mojo Tandem Rigs Maja Custom Lures Available In 8 & 4oz / 16 & 6oz / 24 & 6oz. Bass Pro Fishing Tip: Learn how to use a mojo rig For more Local News from KY3: For more YouTube Content.

Mojos are magic! One of the best lures to troll for striped bass off the east coast. Troll as a solo lure or as part of a tandem rig, these mojo jigs come. MagicTail Mojo Rig Save on your first order and get email only offers when you join. Select option(s) below to be notified. The Mojo Rig is made with pound test Owner Hooks, 6 ounces on the bottom 2 ounces on top built on a three-way swivel and hand crimped (no knots) the. A tried-and-true slayer of striped bass. The Blue Water Candy Mojo Rig sports a solid lead jighead with distinctive spherical eyes and ample skirt material. MagicTail Bucktails Mojo Tandem Rigs are designed with big fish in mind. Striped Bass can't resist! Blue Water Candy Mojo Rig, Ounce, White on White: Fishing Bait Rigs: Sports & Outdoors. Between those extremes is the highly efficient Mojo Rig. A Carolina rig Mojo Rigging requires only four components—weight, rubber peg, hook, plastic bait. Product details · Mojo Outdoors Mojo Texas Duck Decoy Rig, 4 oz, Pounds · Rigs 6 stationary decoys · Utilizes heavy-duty ( pound) mono line · Connects to. MoJo's & Parachutes · Striper Components · Striper Rigs · Rock Fish Gift Pack · Shad · Skirts · Spreader Bars · Squidnation · Weights. New Products. MoJo. Rock Fish Candy Mojo Tandem Rig · Blue Water Candy - Rock Fish Candy Mojo Lure Loaded with 9-Inch Swimbait Shad Bodies Tandem Parachute Rigged & Ready. Shop for Mojo Rig at Save money. Live better.

Run Off Lures Tandem Trolling Mojo Rig ; SKU: ROL-MOJOX8-CH ; Color:Chartreuse ; Product Weightoz X 8oz. The Magic Maja Mojo is 24 ounces in white and chartreuse; the tandem rig comes in three sizes, and 6-ounce, and 6-ounce, and 8- and 4-ounce and is made. Evolution MOJO 2 Plus DREAMGRIP EVOLUTION MOJO 2 PLUS Universal Modular Video Rig for All Smartphones, DSLR, Action Cameras – The Most Complete Journalist Kit. TANDEM MOJO RIG!! 5' X 10' Lb BERKLEY BIG GAME MONOFILAMENT #2 Heavy Duty Swivels Tag ends are Burned Prior to Crimping, this aids against Slipping. The Mojo Texas Style rig setup was designed specifically for our Flock A Flickers. Order this 6-pack of 2 oz. rigs for your next hunting trip online today! Blue Water Candy - Rock Fish Candy 12 oz & 8 oz Mojo Lure Loaded with 9-Inch Swimbait Shad Bodies Tandem Parachute Rigged & Ready Blue Water Candy Mojo Rig. The mojo rig is an ultra-finesse fishing technique often used for bass fishing. Most anglers opt to use the mojo rig after a large storm when the lake is. Complete Mojo Rig ready to fish! The hottest bass trolling lure to hit the market in years. Designed to target larger bass, in deeper water. Mojo Tandem Rig *5'x10' leader with 1/0 Snap at each end. Connected by a 1/0 3-way swivel *Big Bubba MoJo Lure (choose size) individually hand crafted with.

Simmons Sporting Goods features MOJO FLOCK A FLICKER RIG from MOJO. This Mojo Texas style decoy rig uses heavy duty mono line, which provides a tangle-free experience. Order this 4oz, 36" length duck decoy rig today! Tony Maja Tandem Magic Mojo Rig - 8oz x 4oz - White - Whether trolling the Chesapeake Bay or out front in the bluewater, the Maja Magic Mojo lures are the. Free Shipping 12 oz. x 8 oz. Loaded Tandem Parachute Rig. Rigged & Ready 5' x 15' # Mono. The Texas Style, tangle free decoy rigging system has been in use for many years along the Louisiana/Texas Coast by hunters who had to transport their.

Multiple Choices. Tandem MOJO Rig Leader 4' X 8' or 5' x 10' lb mono fishing line Connection Hand Tied. Tandem MOJO Rig Leaders 4ft and 8ft lengths or 5. Easy to carry and easy to use, MOJO® Outdoors Flock A Flicker® Texas Style Decoy Rig help you ensure your Flock a Flicker motion duck decoys stay where you. Our tandem rigs feature a 1/0 3-way swivel with a 14' and a 4' # mono leader attaching to parachutes. Pre-rigged and ready to fish! Free Shipping 8 oz. x 4 oz. Loaded Tandem Parachute Rig. Rigged & Ready 5' x 15' # Mono.

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